Doug is seen here at the 2003 ISDT Reunion Ride in Massachusetts.
Douglas D. Wilford, 79, of Amherst, passed away Monday March 6th.  His presence, knowledge, and contributors to the group will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. For more about Doug's life, click here.

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The Penton Owners Group was formed to preserve and share the memories and the equipment of a very special time in motorcycle history. The first Penton motorcycle was manufactured in 1967 and the last in 1977. This was a time when the enthusiasm, ambition and creativity of the original Penton group helped shape a new industry and a new generation of dirt bike enthusiasts. Sport and competition motorcycles played a significant role in this motorcycle history. The innovative designs and features of that time have endured and can be seen on even the most current motorcycles.

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