Steel Tank Questionnaire

By Bill Smith

The Penton Owners Group is embarked on a project to gather information on the steel tank era of the Penton motorcycle.  This era began with the birth of the Penton in 1968 - 1971.  The Penton Owners Group feels that this is the time period that needs to be researched and documented.  This project will take some time to complete and will consist of collecting images and stories from people who were directly involved with the Penton brand at that time.  Another part of this project will be a steel tank questionnaire.  It is believed that over 6,600 steel tanks bikes were produced during this time period.

In order to get a true developmental time line, a questionnaire has been created.  Anyone who has a steel tank Penton, whether it is just a frame or a completed bike, is urged to take part in this project.  Your input is needed to make this project a success.  The more questionnaires that are received, the more accurately this timeline can be documented.  To take part in this survey, click on the Steel Tank questionnaire link below.  The questionnaire will then need to be printed, filled out and mailed to the address appearing at the end of the questionnaire.  Even if you just have a frame, there are over ten questions pertaining to the frame itself.  So if it is a complete bike or just a bare frame, your input is needed!

Also provided below is an Image Guide help page to assist you in answering some of the questions.  Beside some of the question choices, you will see an image number in italics (i.e. ~ Image 5A).  This number corresponds to an image on the help page.  This should help you understand the question better.

If you don't have a printer or are unable to print for other reasons, please contact the Penton Owners Group or contact Bill Smith, 38236 N. Rickham Ct., Westland, MI 48186, (734) 377-6953 and one will be mailed to you.  All information and photos collected will be kept confidential and only used with written permission.