PENTON: The John Penton Story" Official Trailer

Feature film about John Penton from Pipline Digital Media.

John Penton Interviews

A day at home with John Penton

John Penton invited the Penton Owners Group to his home for the day. This video is full of stories and tours from John, his family, and members of the Penton Owners Group. Produced by Ted and Reb Guthrie.

John Penton/Bob Hannah

Interview from 2006 by Ted and Reb Guthrie.

John Penton Interview by Norm Miller

John talking about his war experience and other things.
Filmed by Alan Buehner on 6-12-9-1998

Penton Riders

A Guy Named Carl (Carl Cranke)

Footage from the "Deleted Scenes" of the film "PENTON: The John Penton Story".

Bruce Williams - Racing a Penton at Nelson Ledges

Filmed by Alan Buehner

Penton Owners Group Events

Penton Owners Group at the 2005 Annual KTM Dealers Meeting

The Penton Owners Group at the AMA's Hall of Fame Museum in Columbus, Ohio. John Penton's 80th birthday. Produced by Ted and Reb Guthrie.

AMA Vintage Days event at Sears Point CA - April 2000

The Penton display and John as Grand Marshal for the event filmed by Alan Buehner April 2000.

Penton History

Bike Week - History of KTM

Narrated by Larry Maiers in 2003

Other Penton Related

The Last Jackpiner

The love for film and dirt bikes come together in this documentary. Follow the history of a particular bike that paid tribute to a man who helped transform dirt biking in North America, John Penton.

1973 ISDT Dalton Massachusetts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

1975 ISDT Isle of Man

Part 1

Part 2