1970 Penton Modifications

by Alan Buehner

This article is to show the modifications that George Bliss made to his 1970 Penton 125 after he purchased it, to make it enduro ready. These mods were made from his years of experience in riding the Jack Pine Enduro in Michigan from 1951 thru 1969 and his friendship with John Penton who shared his recommendations.

A bracket was fabricated and fastened to the frame next to the air box. This bracket holds a baby bottle filled with 2 stroke oil to allow stopping at a gas station for refueling.
An extra long handle was welded to the end of the rear axle. Silicone was applied around the edge of the front and rear brake backing plates to seal up the gap between it and the hub to prevent water getting to the brake pads.
A hand made aluminum number plate with a side bracket to hold a baby bottle containing 2 stroke oil. A "U" shaped tube protects the speedometer.
A Honda tool holder was mounted to gussets welded to the frame.
The original front and rear fenders are still on the bike. The rear fender (shown) was welded up with an acetylene torch when cracks would appear.