Penton Short Tracker Components

by Alan Buehner

Originally printed in issue #53 of Still….Keeping Track

The purpose of this article is to show and identify some of the components on the Penton Short Tracker bike. The basics are the Kenny Roberts designed frame and the KTM 250cc and 400cc engines. The front forks were the Ceriani 35mm found on the 1973 thru 1975 Penton motorcycles. Magura throttle and Power Lever clutch assembly were also installed.

FRONT WHEEL ASSY – spooled hub with DID alloy shoulderless rims. Sheet metal screws secure the rim to a 18” Carlisle front tire. Obtained from A.D.E. Products.
FIBERGLASS GAS TANK – uses 2 plastic petcocks with pull down valves. Motoplat coil is mounted under gas tank. Obtained from K-R Racing.
REAR WHEEL ASSY – 60T rear sprocket is shown mounted on quick release rear hub. Sheet metal screws secure the DID shoulderless alloy rim to a 18” Carlisle tire.
HANDLEBAR – displays decal with Kenny Roberts autograph. Obtained from K-R Racing.
KTM ENGINE – has shift lever on right side above the foot brake pedal. Photo shows 40mm Lectron Carb mounted to the intake of this 250cc engine. A compression release is installed in the head.
REAR BRAKE – Hydraulic brake on rear wheel showing Star caliper and quick change rotor. Obtained from A.D.E. Products.
REAR BRAKE – Star master cylinder mounted on frame and showing connection to brake pedal. Obtained from A.D.E. Products.