Identify a Sachs Stuffed Case

Originally printed in the 2003 issue #19 of Still….Keeping Track

How do you identify a Sachs motor with a "stuffed" case?

The easiest way is with the cylinder removed. The opening between the case halves that the rod fits through is very narrow. Looking at it gives you the impression that there is no way that the cylinder can fit without the bottom of the sleeve hitting the cases.

Other ways to I.D. a stuffed case motor are:

  1. Check the serial number tag for - 1251/6B GS
  2. Predrilled holes in the cylinder fins for ISDT tag fastening.
  3. Larger diameter intake manifolds to accept 38 or 30mm Bing carbs. The smaller size Bing carbs will not fit.
  4. Motors from Monark bikes.

How do you identify a Sachs "D" cylinder?

Look for angled aluminum supports between the fins. Also, look for a "bolt-on" intake manifold.

What do you do if you removed the oil drain plug on a Sachs motor and the Aluminum case threads come out with it?

Permatex makes a re-threading compound that you apply to the bolt and case hole. You inset the bolt, let it set, unscrew the bolt, let the compound dry and you will have new threads to screw the bolt into. Those in the know will never try and remove the oil drain plug. They will remove the clutch case to drain the oil from their motors.