Sachs Care!

by Doug Wilford

Originally printed in the 2001 issue #12 of Still….Keeping Track

The Sachs engine is very reliable and will shift as good as any motorcycle engine, IF you take care of it!

The Pentons we have today are not new out of the crate, and what I am finding is most of the main shafts (Counter Shaft Sprocket Shafts) have the speedo drive ears broken off. This is a bad situation and can cause a lot of problems in shifting, wear, and letting dirt into the transmission.

Illustration #1, is a shaft, without the ears, when the tranny is in high gear. Notice the selector rod is showing, allowing dirt to accumulate and be drawn back into the engine when shifting to a lower gear.

Illustration #2, is a new or unbroken shaft. Notice the selector rod does not show. This part now has a surface that the seal in the right side cover can seal to.

Illustration #3, is the right side cover with out a seal

Illustration #4, is a right side cover with the seal. This is the proper set up a complete shaft which will be sealed by the cover preventing dirt etc. into your bottom end. If you want reliability, I highly suggest the combination of Illus. #2 and Illus. #4 . That is how it was meant to be, with also the means to drive the speedometer gear.

Illustration #1
Illustration #2
Illustration #3
Illustration #4